How would you like to change my life (again)?

me in wheelchair
back when my wheelchair worked, and children could use it like their personal playground

Now I am stuck in bed for a different reason. I am all healed up, but I have a wheelchair that doesn't work. I'm working on getting a new wheelchair, because the last one randomly crashed into a garage door and broke my face. I just need $900 to get it started, $1800 total. If you are in a spot where you could spare even a small amount, I would appreciate it. Please do not donate if you cannot afford it. I mean, I can do this by myself, but it might take six months to save up that much money. I'd really like to fast-track this because being stuck in bed for so long really sucks.

[[Once again, I am blown away by the support! My wheelchair is now totally funded! I should be up and rolling again, maybe even as soon as November 8! I am beyond thrilled!]]